On my performance in Gloria:
Michael Sturgis wonderfully throws caution to the wind.
Charles McNulty, LA Times

Michael Sturgis’ perfect combination of ennui and annoyance with a dash of self-righteousness had the audience laughing a lot at Dean, a lowly editorial assistant pushing 30 and getting nowhere.
Julie Riggott, Culture Spot LA

Michael Sturgis’ Dean is a true standout, achingly funny with a core vulnerability who steals every scene he is in.
Kathy Flynn, Discover Hollywood

The production is at its comic best when Sturgis is center stage as the neurotic Dean, with his aspirations to be a writer of note and his naïve generosity towards the belittled Gloria. The performer inhabits the role utterly, and he’s terrific to watch as he gamely fends off Kendra’s putdowns.
–Deborah Klugman, StageRaw

On my performance in An Undivided Heart:
Notable is the hilarious brilliance of Michael Sturgis as the Cardinal’s bizarrely quirky assistant, who belts songs and does everything but cartwheels to entertain.
–Travis Holder, Ticket Holders LA